Jim Kilpatrick Tuning Gauge

Jim Kilpatrick


The pocket-sized Jim Kilpatrick Tuning Gauge allows you to tension your pipe band snare drum consistently using step-tensioning around the circumference of the drumhead. Step-tensioning can help to increase the lifespan of your drumhead and reduces the possibility of failures. Simply insert the lowest-numbered fitting peg between the hoop and tension ring, and apply even tension around the drumhead, allowing it to settle before repeating the process with the next peg on the gauge. The Jim Kilpatrick Tuning Gauge is lightweight and portable, helps deliver incremental step tuning, is ideal for all high tension snare drums and ensures accurate tuning of your drum. For best results, the incremental step-tuning process should be carried out over a number of days, and the user should remember the optimum tension on the gauge can vary depending on the chosen drum and drumhead configuration.

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